2010 - III International conference

III International conference «Arctic shelf development: step by step»
September, 30 - October, 1, 2010
Murmansk, Meridian Congress Hotel, 4th floor

The conference is organized under support of the Government of Murmansk Region and Murmansk Regional Duma. It will be held in the framework of II Arctic International Economic Forum and will take place in Murmansk on September 30 – October 01, 2010.

Plenary meeting is scheduled for September 30, 2010 and includes the following sessions:

  • Shtokman project, Phase I: current status, technical solutions, tenders, plans;
  • legal support of Arctic shelf development projects;
  • the Establishment of the Center of research and safety control of the Arctic on the Kola peninsula;
  • exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources of the Arctic shelf.

On October 1, 2010 the Association "Murmanshelf" arranges individual B-2-B meetings for representatives of companies.
The Conference will gather representatives of E&P, OFS companies, suppliers, research and development institutions, educational and training centers, banks, investment and insurance companies, legislative and executive authorities of different levels.

To take part in the conference ARCTIC SHELF DEVELOPMENT: STEP BY STEP and B-2-B meetings, please, register as a Forum Participant on-line. Information for the catalogue should be given before September 20, 2010 and sent it by fax to +7 8152 456112. For more information please call +7 8152 456112; +7 8152 554154 or address kosheleva@murmanshelf.ru or info@murmanshelf.ru.

On September 30 – October 2, 2010 the 6th international exhibition "SevTEK 2010" (Fuel and Energy Complex) will be held in the Ice Palace, Murmansk, in the framework of the II Arctic Murmansk International Economic Forum. For detailed information please contact ANO "MurmanEXPOcentre" (the Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of Murmansk region) by telephone +7 8152 551133, 551130 or by e-mail: mec@lzl.ru, oksana@murmanexpo.ru.

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